Saturday, December 29, 2012

Parts of Speech - Revision 1

Last lesson we learned the 9 Parts of Speech. This post will review these.

To recap: Different sorts of words do different jobs in the construction of sentences. In Traditional Grammar, each job is classified as a part of speech (POS).

1. Name the 9 Parts of Speech:

1. _____________
2. _____________
3. _____________
4. _____________
5. _____________
6. _____________
7. _____________
8. _____________
9. _____________

2. Create a table of 3 columns. Use these 3 headings: Part of Speech, Work it does in a sentence, Example.

Part of Speech
Work it does in a sentence

3. Write an 9-word sentence using each POS once.

4. Name the POS of each word in bold:
EXTENSION ACTIVITY - Name one more POS in each sentence.
  1. I read in several different genres. ________________________________                
  2. I hate read-only files.   ___________________________________                                 
  3. She likes to bottle things up.  ______________________________                      
  4. Put the bottle down. ______________________________                                   
  5. The bottle is empty.   ________________________________                                    
  6. This is the factory where they bottle water.  ______________________________
  7. 'Hand him the bottle opener,' Sara said.    ________________________________    
  8. The fantasy got to him.  ___________________________________                                
  9. He is a fantasy writer.    _______________________________                                
  10. The bookshop only sells fantasy.  __________________________________                   
5. Label as many parts of speech as you can in the following paragraph:

I have fond memories of my primary school teacher. Her name was Miss Rice. She loved to sing loudly so the whole class had to sing at the beginning of the school day. The singing sounded so good that the classes nearby would stop to listen at precisely 9 o'clock. Luckily, Miss Rice also taught me grammar. She was a stickler for sentence structure, punctuation and spelling. To this day I thank her for ignoring the Education Department and going with her instincts. 

Did you find an example of all 9? 

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