Friday, November 15, 2013


Correct the mistake in each sentence below, without adding any more words: 

  1. The amount of informations available nowadays is too much for any one person to learn.
  2. The population of different areas of the world are increasing dramatically.
  3. The goverment could increase the amount of cheap social housing constructed.
  4. Education is improving gradually, but situation is not happening fast enough.
  5. Television has had as much consequence on the way we live as the internet has. 
  6. People always spend too much times accessing the internet in their leisure time.
  7. More money needs to be invested in infrastructure, but it depends of the funds available.
  8. The government needs to increase funding to solve the traffic modern problems in major cities.
  9. Office accommodations sometimes makes the centre of cities and towns soulless.
  10. Music has a grand impact on people's lives, as it affects their mood.

  1. information (an uncountable noun, never add an 's'.)
  2. is ('population' is the subject, an uncountable  noun, so it is classed as singular, so needs a singular verb.)
  3. government (spelling)
  4. progress (wrong word)
  5. impact (wrong word)
  6. time (need the singular noun as 'people' is the subject which is classed as singular)
  7. on (wrong preposition)
  8. modern traffic problems (wrong order of phrase - 'modern' is the adjective, so goes before 'traffic' which describe the problems.)
  9. accommodation (an uncountable noun, no 's' EVER!)
  10. huge (wrong adjective.)


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