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For an audience of your peers, present a reflective speech that EXPLORES the power of literature to INFLUENCE the lives of readers. Begin with Kafka's METAMORPHOSIS as a springboard to DISCUSS your own TRANSFORMATION over the past five years and the IMPACT that literature has had on your personal metamorphosis.


  • Consider CONNECTIONS between the experience represented in Kafka's METAMORPHOSIS and your own life - e.g. consider the connections with your personal development over the past five years (physical, emotional, mental, attitudinal changes...) e.g 'When I was a child...'
  • IDENTIFY significant texts - BOOKS, NOVELS, ARTICLES, POEMS, LYRICS that have changed the way you see/experienced the world.
  • SYNTHESISE these elements into a Reflective Speech that explores the transformative power of stories.
FURTHER NOTES - beginning your thesis:

Literature has the power to transform the way we see/experience our world...

Which novels etc have marked your personal journey - broader socio/cultural context, unique identity and transformation, literature represents themes (alienation, family dynamics, human identity, change...)

How has literature lead to your metamorphosis over the past five years?


TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD - Jem and Scout's transformation throughout novel, from acceptance of the town's racist attitudes, to agreeing with Atticus' words about how to treat others. (So many themes in this one...)

LORD OF THE FLIES - How a happy tribe can transform into fierce warriors, uncaring of human life, with murder and mayhem resulting. (DYNAMICS)

THE BOOK THIEF - How courage transforms under the harshest circumstances. How people can survive through resilience, determination and pure fate. (Liesel's courageous life was saved by pure fate - her love of words saved her life as it meant she was hidden in the basement writing...)

So...look for novels that have deep themes that you might be able to discuss in relation to the topic - transformation.

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