Tuesday, March 26, 2013


TASK: Write a 300 - 600 word story using the following sentence as the beginning or the end of the story.

At the strike of 12, the restless souls begin to rise from their tombs.


A good story uses all five senses: Touch, Smell, See, Hear, Taste
A good story uses figurative language such as:

metaphor: The moon is a scarlet balloon.
simile: The moon is like a scarlet balloon.
onomatopaeia: The shoe went clunk as it fell onto the floor.
imagery: He ate his food like he'd been starving for centuries; manners forgotten, survival foremost.


varied sentence length
good paragraphing (new idea, new paragraph)
an especially great beginning and ending
sparkling dialogue, preferably without tags:
"Bring that bone over here." Professor Ratface stamped his foot. "Now!"

Happy Creative Writing!

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